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EcoFlow Solar Tracker

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The first consumer-grade solar tracker: Place a solar panel on the Solar Tracker, and it spins and swivels on two axes to continuously pinpoint the best angle to the sun. It’s the ultimate solar charger setup for your portable power station.

Auto-track the position of the sun: Adjusting solar panels 3 times a day, every day, may not be ideal for people who really want (or need) solar to become a normal part of their life. Leave the Solar Tracker out overnight, and it will automatically start tracking the sun at the first light of day.

Get every last photon: You can get 30% more watts of solar energy by using the Solar Tracker versus setting the panels flat. With more sunlight hitting your panels throughout the day, that’s more green, off-grid power. 

Sturdy, stable, rugged: The solar tracker sports four legs that spread out and can be fixed in place, ensuring your setup stays safe and secure. The bracket up top can extend to match your solar panel too. 

Plays nice with your solar panels: The Solar Tracker works with just about any solar panel. Foldable or rigid, EcoFlow or third-party – doesn’t matter. As long as they connect by Solar and aren’t too big or heavy, they work.

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