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DELTA Series

Portable Power Station & Extra Battery

Solar Panels

Refurbished By EcoFlow 

Rigorously tested by our expertly trained engineers, refurbished EcoFlow units offer you a like-new portable power station experience with a two-year warranty and significant savings.

Just Like-new

To become a reconditioned model, each EcoFlow unit goes through the same extensive testing and reviews that our new machines do, guaranteeing out-of-the-box EcoFlow quality but with a generous price cut.  

Expertly Assessed

EcoFlow engineers follow a strict pre-sale testing and maintenance procedure. Where necessary we rebuild using genuine components, ensuring a like-new condition.

Guaranteed Peace of Mind

All restored units come with the same warranty as new machines. 

Free Shipping 

We offer free shipping on all refurbished items within Canada, plus after-sales support, so if you have any questions, just give us a call. 

EcoFlow Refurbished FAQ

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