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Get a birds-eye view of your
energy consumption.

Keep an eye on input from Solar Panels, Extra Batteries, Smart Generators and other sources. Check output from each individual port on your unit.

All from the comfort of
your phone.

Control the functionality of your EcoFlow product from a distance.
Remotely turn on or off all your outlets and ports.

Run your unit exactly
as you see fit.

Extend your battery cycle life by altering charge speeds and discharge speeds. Tweak settings to match your preferences.

Control your home circuits
with the Smart Home Panel.

Get a full view of up to 10 home circuits. Automate use of DELTA Pro by scheduling pre-determined charge/discharge periods. Set EPS mode on or off. All that and more.

“This app shows you everything… by far this is the best Wi-Fi app for any solar generator that’s on the market”

- Will Prowse
Off-Grid Power Expert

Smart Home Panel app

Be blackout ready.

See how long your current battery capacity can power your home circuits for. Enable EPS mode and prioritize which circuits are most important to you. When your charge level drops, your key circuits will be turned off last.

A dashboard for the details.

See your key info at a glance on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. View 10 home circuits and your power source. Use quick-controls to turn on or off any circuit or power source.

Automate & save.

Automate recharge times for DELTA Pro to only draw from the grid at off-peak times. During peak hours, use DELTA Pro to power your home circuits. Use set intervals to charge your DELTA Pro back up whenever suits your needs.

Portable power station app

Full visualization of the essentials.

Check on charge level, temperature and charge/discharge times. Monitor all the ports on your power station.

Keep an eye on charging.

Monitor power sources that are charging your portable power station. See methods used, input, and more.

Three ways to control.

At home? Use Wi-Fi to control your unit from afar or update for the latest features. Outdoors? Try Bluetooth or use your portable power station as a hotspot and control even without an internet connection.

Get power at your fingertips.
Download the EcoFlow App.

1. With use of the Smart Home Panel or Smart Generator.
2. Only DELTA Pro, The Smart Home Panel, and Solar Tracker currently support bluetooth.

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